Suited for life

 Within Joseppas design you will find linen pillows, bedspreads, linen napkins, inner pillows, bathrobes, linen clothes and much more. 

Made of sustainable natural materials and developed with care for people and the environment, our products are designed to be enjoyed for a long time. 


Helt i linje med vår tids vilja att välja bättre miljöval satsar vi nu på unika kläder i 100% linne.

Finally our clothing collection is here. You will find summer dresses, trousers and tank tops in 100% linen. Lovely models in high quality. Unique patterns in small edition. Make your order while your favorite pattern is still available. Some of the clothes are available in 1 copy only. It is also possible to visit us in our small shop on Gotland in the summer to see our unique collection. If you need something sent to you outside Sweden you may call us for further information.



Prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet och ta del av erbjudanden!